Tuesday, February 14, 2023

In the Heat of The Moment ~ Is Live!


It's finally here! Their Surrogate Omega in the In the Heat of The Moment anthology! Please remember all proceeds from the sale of this anthology is going to charity! Our last Anthology netted over 10k for charity, so we're hoping to exceed those predictions this time around! So, pick up your copy now!!

Here is a sneak peek of our story, Their Surrogate Omega...

Three men. Three chances for Emmi Sauber to climb out of debt.

Baldwyn Werner, Chasin Nordhoff, and Silas Tesar wanted to have children. However, finding their mate didn’t seem possible with their lifestyle or their work. Hiring a surrogate, on the other hand, was the perfect solution to their problem.

Emmi Sauber is barely scraping by. As a single mom raising her sixteen-year-old omega son, things have been tough for both of them, especially when her mate rejected her because of their boy. When she sees an ad for a surrogacy agency and how much they can make per-pregnancy, she’s willing to do anything just to give her son a proper life.

Baldwyn, Chasin, and Silas have found the one. She has no ties to anyone; she has already proved herself fertile by having a son. What could go wrong? However, once she is pregnant with their baby, things take an interesting turn. 

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