Friday, February 11, 2022

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If given the chance to become immortal, would you take it?

I always thought of myself as practical. Level-headed. When push came to shove, I took the easy route and kept my head down.

Until now.

Life or death. 

Which should I choose?

Do I really have a choice?

My life was forfeit the minute I stepped outside of Los Angeles’ General Hospital. I have been given the gift of—more like cursed with—immortality, though it comes at a price. 

My soul.

Four men, Church, Draven, Julius, and Saxon say they’re my saviors. To me, they’re my executioners. Without them, I’ll die. With them... I can’t say.

Now, thrust into an underground world where sex, drugs, and blood are the norm, I must learn how to be a vampire or die with the rising sun. Unfortunately for all of us, there are schemes set into motion that will tear our world apart. 

Trusting these men means giving up my humanity and taking my place at their side. Rebuking them, means damnation for us all.

All I ever wanted was a quiet life.


“As you command, Sire.” Saxon covered his chest with his palm, exposing the tattoos covering his fingers, wrist, and forearm. They were a decadent swirl of colors and patterns decorating his flesh. “I’ll lead the team myself.”

“Then I suppose I’ll have to make it worth your wild.” Brow cocked, I leaned forward while fisting Saxon’s short hair. “A gift for my best warrior.” I bit my wrist before holding it aloft so Saxon could drink of me. With every pull of Saxon’s ravenous mouth, my dick grew harder. I moaned, rocking my hips. Feeding was centered in pleasure. If both participants weren’t having fun, something was wrong. Climaxing was the sweetest part.

“Enough...” I whispered, removing my wrist from Saxon’s clutches, knowing if we didn’t stop there, I would have Saxon bent over my chair, fucking him, instead of him finding our prey. “Now go. Don’t come back without a prisoner.”

Saxon stood on shaky legs. His hazel eyes glowed with power and provocation. The treat I’d gifted him would serve him well. He also knew if he came back with one of those rogue bastards, I’d reward him. “Understood, Sire.” He backed away from me, drifting into the crowd from whence he came.

“Sire,” one of my many attendants said, on approach. “There is a gentleman here to see you.”

I turned my head ever so slowly, already in a foul mood from being interrupted, and cast my gaze upon the young man who dared to disturb me. “Who is it?”

The boy shrank away from me. The stench of fear rolled off of him in sickening waves. His terror was also a flavor of emotion I craved. I hardened my stare, sipping from his fright. “He said his name is Eduard, the Grand Elder of Raven.”

Shit. I blew out a breath. “Send him back.”

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