Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sorority Row is here!

Michele and I are pleased to present, Sorority Row. It's the second book in our TSU series and we have also been working on short stories to go with the book after you've read it.

When we started this series, we weren't sure what the reception would be. We have books planned for the adults in these 20-something adult's lives, but it's been a fantastic journey telling their stories. And, we have several more to come.

Right now, we are in the planning stages for Bearing It All (Emma and Bodhi's book) and Silence isn't Golden (Utah and Raquel's book). Both of which, will be pretty exciting reads and you'll meet a few new people.

But, for now, here is a look at Sorority Row.

Blurb:  The Greek Shifter Games have come to a close, and Bell must focus on gaining enough pledges to keep her house. Sigma Epsilon Xi doesn’t have tons of money. Nor do they have tons of sisters. They need ten pledges in thirty days or they’ll lose their ramshackle house. Add to it, their house is on the verge of being condemned. And, as if her life isn’t hard enough already, she has two dominant males hot on her tail—Christoph and Jackson.

Things take a turn for the worst, when she has to make a good impression for Christoph’s parents. She has to deal with the questions from her father and her uncles, as well. At every turn, however, one situation or another arises, threatening the progress she’s making.

Christoph and Jackson don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things, but mating Bell—claiming her for their own—drives their every action. But both men have secrets. Can they put their differences aside and team up to be who she needs?

With the help of 555-ROAR, can these mates find their way, or will the stresses of Greek life, keep them apart?

Excerpt: “Don’t worry, son. My pride is your pride. You’ll always have a home with us.”
Rapier’s statement bolstered his confidence, even though he felt like he’d puke any minute. His stomach rolled worse than a roller coaster ride on crack. His gut knotted, and, for the first time since his thirteenth birthday, he had sweaty palms.
“You don’t know them like I do.” The words had sat on the tip of his tongue, but the man had given him sanctuary when he needed it the most. Didn’t mean it scared the shit out of him any less. For the first time in his life, he’d be on his own. Which meant his schooling might have to be put off for a while. Wonder how Bell will feel about a college dropout for a mate.
Yet, beneath the fear, a thread of calm flowed through him. Relaxed to the point all seemed right for him. When Mr. Rapier pulled him aside to talk, he expected the normal, “She’s my daughter, what are your intentions?” type stuff. Instead, he got the surprise of a lifetime.
“I’m here because Hui and Min sent me. They said you needed help.”
Boy, did he ever.
For an hour, they sat on Bell’s dilapidated front porch and talked about his life. What he had planned for himself and how he knew to the very fiber of his being, he’d do whatever it took to give Bell the life and happiness she deserved. He also purposefully forgot to mention Jackson at her request, and, after meeting her father, he understood why.
By the time Rapier walked into the house, Christoph had some semblance of a plan. Or he thought he did, until Bell walked out onto the porch. She took his breath away. “Did you make your dress?”
A cute pink blush covered her cheeks. “Yes. Do you like it?”
No. He loved it. She reminded him of those 1950s women. Always with the pleated skirts and fitted bodices. The neckline of her dresses were tasteful but teased the hell out of him. The scarf in her hair matched her outfit. Tonight, she wore a knee-length frock made of powder-blue material. See-through lace, or something, covered the skirt of her dress. Around her neck lay a simple strand of pearls.
“I don’t like it.”
She frowned.
“Bell, I love it.” He pulled her into his arms and rubbed his nose against hers before placing a quick kiss to her lips.
“I wanted to make a good impression with your parents.” She placed her hand on his hip. “With everything going on lately, I almost forgot your parents would be here this weekend.”
“All of our families will be here.” He tucked her into his side. “Let’s go get Jackson.”
She nodded. “I really need to come up with a way to explain this to my father.”
“When the time is right, you will.”

Buy links:

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Sorority-Row-Turnskin-University-Book-ebook/dp/B071ZN6LG8/
B&N: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/sorority-row-tl-reeve/1126583213?ean=2940157345150
Bookstrand: http://www.bookstrand.com/sorority-row  

If you would like to read along with Christoph, Bell and Jackson after the story, you can find their mini-chapters here.

The Mating of The Lion to His Dragon Pt. 1
The Mating of The Lion to His Dragon Pt. 2

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