Thursday, June 15, 2023

New Release: Shift N Howl


It's release day!!

Full moon or not, get ready to Shift 'N' Howl!

It's time to fulfill your wildest dreams with Dragons, Wolves, Bears, and more in this tantalizing anthology featuring USA Today bestselling and award winning paranormal romance and urban fantasy authors.

Filled with curvy females, multiple mates, and plenty of broody book boyfriends to entice you, there’s something for everyone in this collection.

Scroll up and dive in to these delicious and dangerous shifter stories today.


★★★ Authors Featured in Shift 'N' Howl ★★★

Gina Kincade & Erzabet Bishop

C.D. Gorri

Ariel Dawn

Felicity Brandon

Lulu M. Sylvian

Luna Joya

Sheri Queen

Rose Bak

Claire Davon

Sassa Daniels

TL Reeve & Michele Ryan

Sneak peek at Supe De Jour...

“You set me up, didn’t you, Mac?” Fallon huffed out a breath. 

“I arranged this evening sure, but everything afterward is up to chance.” Mackenzie shrugged. “If someone approached us, well, go us.” She glanced up at Keanu. “She loves supernatural romance books. Poly is her jam.”

Surprise lit Keanu’s insides. The temptress beside him enjoyed multiple partners? What were the chances? He grunted. “Is that true, Fallon?” He lowered his voice, stepping closer to her, creating an intimacy for them.

She squirmed in her seat, turning bashful. Fuck, she was adorable and perfect. She wouldn’t meet his gaze. “I-I mean... I ne-ver, you know, tried it before.” She shrugged, almost as though she struggled to shake off the question. “It’s a kink or something.”

“Hello gorgeous,” Seth said, holding out his hand to Mackenzie. Asshole did nothing slow or read the area. “I’m Seth. Who are you, sweetheart?”

Mackenzie giggled, tucking her bottom lip between her teeth. “Mackenzie. My friend is Fallon. It’s her birthday.”

Warrick and Jasper’s brows shot up.

“Happy birthday, Fallon,” Seth said. “Are you enjoying our club?”

“Y-You own it?” Her gaze went from Keanu’s to Seth’s.

Seth laughed. “No. I wish, though. We’re members.”

“Oh... Duh. Pfft... Right.” Fallon gave a weak chuckle. “I do. Like it. It’s different.”

“Indeed,” Seth agreed.

“She likes poly,” Keanu said, even though he had the feeling he was overwhelming her. “I thought we could get to know our new friends.”

“T-That’s creepy,” Fallon said. “Makes you sound slimy. You could have just come out and said, do us. Or something.”

Mackenzie snorted, then laughed. “She had a shot of fireball and water. She’s not drunk.”

“I should go home,” Fallon said, covering her face. “I’m a total dork. You’re gorgeous, Keanu and brothers-friend.”

His tail wagged at the compliment.

“Ohmigod,” Fallon’s eyes widened once more before she made this weird face, between gushing and excited, he couldn’t describe it. “Your tail wags. That has to be the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life.”

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Cover Reveal - Corrupt Intentions

 Do you like your heroes to be a little more... anti-hero?

From MC’s to assassins, mafia bosses to mercenaries, and everything in between, we all love a dark hero. Dive into stories from your favorite authors as they create the villains you love to hate, the truly evil madmen, and the bad boy with the tough shell but a soft heart for those they care about.

Whether you prefer reading about captives or heroines who fight back, each story will take you on a wild ride of passion, danger, and heart-stopping romance. So get ready to indulge your wildest fantasies and fall in love with the bad boys who will steal your heart and leave you breathless.

Don’t miss your chance to own this exclusive, limited edition set.

We can’t wait to corrupt you…

Including Stories from:

Winter Travers - Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author

Stephanie Morris - USA Today bestselling author

Cassie Verano - USA Today bestselling author

Siren Allen - USA Today bestselling author

Lara Norman

Harley Wylde

Charmaine Louise Shelton

Jordana Pearce

Sue Brown

Marteeka Karland

TL Reeve / Michele Ryan

Angel Vane

Sabine Barclay

Brooklyn Cross

JC Jaye

Anne Roman

Nicole Cypher

Melverna McFarlane

T.L. Hodel

B. Lybaek / Sarah JD

Ashley Kay

Cori Zahara

Tara Lee

Linda Marie Pankow

Friday, April 7, 2023

Cover Reveal - Until Waverly



The heart-pounding, inexplicable sensation of falling in love. An emotional pull that can complete a woman in one second and destroy her in the next. For Waverly Redman, her Boom came in the form of a six-foot-two redhead with a tattooed set of lips on his neck and a pair of eight gage plugs in his ears. The minute she met Jackson Banks, her existence was turned upside down.

Until reality came crashing down around her.

Jackson Banks met the love of his life at a birthday party. Waverly was everything he could ever desire until she didn’t want him. However, after a frantic phone call and a rush to judgement on his family and the Redman’s part, he realized the truth—Waverly was keeping a huge secret.

A four-month-old, red-headed baby who looked just like him.

After a horrific incident at the hospital where Waverly works puts her at the mercy of her family, Jackson makes it his mission to find out what happened the day Waverly left him and to rebuild their family. However, trust doesn’t come easy for Waverly, especially since she’s still been keeping secrets of her own.

Can Jackson tear down Waverly’s walls and recapture their Boom? Or will Waverly’s inability to trust him truly be their demise?


Buy Links:

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

In the Heat of The Moment ~ Is Live!


It's finally here! Their Surrogate Omega in the In the Heat of The Moment anthology! Please remember all proceeds from the sale of this anthology is going to charity! Our last Anthology netted over 10k for charity, so we're hoping to exceed those predictions this time around! So, pick up your copy now!!

Here is a sneak peek of our story, Their Surrogate Omega...

Three men. Three chances for Emmi Sauber to climb out of debt.

Baldwyn Werner, Chasin Nordhoff, and Silas Tesar wanted to have children. However, finding their mate didn’t seem possible with their lifestyle or their work. Hiring a surrogate, on the other hand, was the perfect solution to their problem.

Emmi Sauber is barely scraping by. As a single mom raising her sixteen-year-old omega son, things have been tough for both of them, especially when her mate rejected her because of their boy. When she sees an ad for a surrogacy agency and how much they can make per-pregnancy, she’s willing to do anything just to give her son a proper life.

Baldwyn, Chasin, and Silas have found the one. She has no ties to anyone; she has already proved herself fertile by having a son. What could go wrong? However, once she is pregnant with their baby, things take an interesting turn. 

Buy your copy here!!

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Osirus is Live

Good morning everyone! This has been a very stressful week. But, on the upside, Osirus is available now! All 463 pages of his Thicc self. A quick shout out to Golden, Michael Abatantonio, and of course our badass cover artist Covers Designs by K.

Please note the following Trigger Warnings

Stockholm Syndrome
Child Abduction
Child Abuse
Drug Use
Sexual Trauma
Sexual Abuse
Parental Alienation


Osirus Blake wasn't looking for the perfect mate when he met Jenna Panthera all those years ago. He wasn't even looking for a mate, period. However, once her scent wrapped around him, he never wanted to let her go. Unfortunately, Raymond Quincy had other plans for the Dryer Crew, separating Osirus and Jenna for over ten years.

Jenna Panthera didn't want a mate. Even when she met Osirus and learned the truth, she wanted to run and hide. If he ever learned all the things she had to do to protect her siblings and herself, Osirus would never love her.

One night changed everything for them and new life was created.

Now, thrust into a situation neither of them wanted, Osirus and Jenna must work together to protect Osirus' son, Utah, from his vindictive mother--returned from the grave. Can Jenna learn to trust Osirus? Will he still accept her when he discovers her secrets?

Risking everything will uncover all of Jenna's scars, leaving her bare to the man who promised to love her unconditionally. All she has to do is take that final step.


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Amazon AU:
Amazon CA:

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Pardon Our Mess

 Hello everyone!

Please excuse our mess while we continue to migrate everything to this site. We are way far behind, but between writing sessions we should be able to get this site looking good.

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Friday, February 11, 2022

Sneak Peek: Bloody Requiem Coming soon!



If given the chance to become immortal, would you take it?

I always thought of myself as practical. Level-headed. When push came to shove, I took the easy route and kept my head down.

Until now.

Life or death. 

Which should I choose?

Do I really have a choice?

My life was forfeit the minute I stepped outside of Los Angeles’ General Hospital. I have been given the gift of—more like cursed with—immortality, though it comes at a price. 

My soul.

Four men, Church, Draven, Julius, and Saxon say they’re my saviors. To me, they’re my executioners. Without them, I’ll die. With them... I can’t say.

Now, thrust into an underground world where sex, drugs, and blood are the norm, I must learn how to be a vampire or die with the rising sun. Unfortunately for all of us, there are schemes set into motion that will tear our world apart. 

Trusting these men means giving up my humanity and taking my place at their side. Rebuking them, means damnation for us all.

All I ever wanted was a quiet life.


“As you command, Sire.” Saxon covered his chest with his palm, exposing the tattoos covering his fingers, wrist, and forearm. They were a decadent swirl of colors and patterns decorating his flesh. “I’ll lead the team myself.”

“Then I suppose I’ll have to make it worth your wild.” Brow cocked, I leaned forward while fisting Saxon’s short hair. “A gift for my best warrior.” I bit my wrist before holding it aloft so Saxon could drink of me. With every pull of Saxon’s ravenous mouth, my dick grew harder. I moaned, rocking my hips. Feeding was centered in pleasure. If both participants weren’t having fun, something was wrong. Climaxing was the sweetest part.

“Enough...” I whispered, removing my wrist from Saxon’s clutches, knowing if we didn’t stop there, I would have Saxon bent over my chair, fucking him, instead of him finding our prey. “Now go. Don’t come back without a prisoner.”

Saxon stood on shaky legs. His hazel eyes glowed with power and provocation. The treat I’d gifted him would serve him well. He also knew if he came back with one of those rogue bastards, I’d reward him. “Understood, Sire.” He backed away from me, drifting into the crowd from whence he came.

“Sire,” one of my many attendants said, on approach. “There is a gentleman here to see you.”

I turned my head ever so slowly, already in a foul mood from being interrupted, and cast my gaze upon the young man who dared to disturb me. “Who is it?”

The boy shrank away from me. The stench of fear rolled off of him in sickening waves. His terror was also a flavor of emotion I craved. I hardened my stare, sipping from his fright. “He said his name is Eduard, the Grand Elder of Raven.”

Shit. I blew out a breath. “Send him back.”

New Release: Shift N Howl

  It's release day!! Full moon or not, get ready to Shift 'N' Howl! It's time to fulfill your wildest dreams with Dragons, W...